eCommerce Growth Continues, Supported by Mobile and Social Selling.

eCommerce is expected to be valued at $6.5 trillion by 2023. Business owners are pressured for fast eCommerce delivery now more than ever. Customers have many options to choose from, so how do you make your eCommerce business stand out?

Social and mobile selling are key components in helping to support e-commerce delivery growth. eCommerce is a fast-growing industry and delivery companies must keep up.

Keep reading to learn more about what mobile and social selling are. And discover the impact on eCommerce delivery.

What Is Mobile Selling?

Mobile selling is also called mobile commerce or m-commerce. This concept covers any monetary transaction that happens on a mobile device (phone, tablet). Mobile selling combines the ease of mobile browsing with eCommerce selling strategies.

More and more industries are utilizing mobile selling strategies. It creates convenience for customers and allows brands to get into more homes. Mobile selling is a rapidly growing strategy in eCommerce.

Examples of Mobile Selling

Mobile shopping is a form of mobile selling. This can include browsing a website on your phone or downloading an application to buy from. Social selling is a form of mobile shopping.

Mobile banking is another popular mobile selling tactic. Using banking applications or using a payment processor is a popular way to complete monetary transactions on mobile devices.

Consider connecting with us to ready your website for mobile selling.

Benefits of Mobile Selling

Mobile selling creates a better customer experience. Convenience is a top priority for most customers and this allows that to happen. Customers also have access to a much wider variety of products and services.

There are many tools and technologies to make mobile selling a personalized and engaging experience. Using apps allows customers to get alerts about sales or discounts available.

Mobile selling also has a variety of payment options, another convenience that customers enjoy. And it enables brands to create omnichannel strategies to reach customers across many platforms.

What Is Social Selling?

Companies that use social selling strategies are 40% more likely to reach their revenue goals. So, what is social selling? It’s where social media and eCommerce combine to create a selling experience for customers.

Social selling allows consumers to buy products and services directly from a social media platform. Directing visitors on your social page to a product page on your website is also considered social selling.

Examples of Social Selling Platforms

Most social media platforms have adopted eCommerce practices. You can use social selling strategies on the following platforms:

● TikTok
● Facebook
● Twitter
● Instagram
● Pinterest
● LinkedIn

There are benefits to using social selling on any of these platforms. Keep reading to discover what they are.

Benefits of Social Selling

Social selling allows you to forge and nurture relationships with customers. It also allows brands to build a strong reputation and deliver valuable content to target audiences to increase visibility.

Strategically using a social selling plan can result in more leads and sales for your brand. More visibility on your brand also helps to boost credibility and website traffic.

Key Reminders for Brands

To make social selling successful, you have to remember why you are selling what you sell. When you believe in your product or service, the passion shows, and customers take note.

It’s important to remember to always provide value for customers. Whether it’s with good content or industry knowledge, value strengthens relationships.

The Impact on eCommerce Delivery Growth

While mobile and social selling are fantastic growth opportunities, businesses should consider the impact on logistics. Does the company have the infrastructure needed to provide omnichannel selling?

Rapid eCommerce growth will require businesses to be prepared for the delivery logistics. Shipping products to new places can get overwhelming if you aren’t prepared. Is your business structured to maintain rapid growth by incorporating social and mobile selling?

Businesses need to have scalable processes in place to meet customer demand. One way to support delivery growth is to partner with a logistics company.

How ACI Logistix Can Help Your Business

ACI Logistix focuses on small package delivery and global solutions. We have a national delivery infrastructure that allows us to deliver your business’s parcels quickly across the US. We use innovative technology to track and monitor packages so you never wonder where it is or what’s going on.

We have the last mile of delivery covered so you don’t have to have any concerns about delivering eCommerce products. Our digital logistics solutions enable you to create positive customer experiences.

Our logistics solutions are intelligence-driven to simplify the last mile of delivery. We meet the demands of a fast-moving product cycle with flexible solutions that can be customized to meet your brand’s needs. Our direct-to-customer model relies on industry-leading technologies for:

● Routing
● Geo-tracking
● Route optimization

Interested in learning more? Check out how our innovation in eCommerce positioned us as a top company for eCommerce growth support.

Improve Your eCommerce Logistics Today

This article covered how mobile and social selling help eCommerce delivery growth. We even taught you a little about each one.

If you want to make an impact on your eCommerce delivery efforts, consider working with us here at ACI Logistix. We use a combination of expertise and technology to transform delivery efforts. Our global business model allows us to deliver parcels quickly.

Are you ready to grow your eCommerce delivery efforts? Allow us to assist you with quick and efficient delivery! Contact ACI Logistix today if you’re ready to get started or have any questions


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