Quick Guide_ Choosing a Last-Mile Logistics Provider.

Did you know that 55 percent of consumers will shift to competitors that offer faster delivery rates? With ecommerce becoming more potent each year, having ecommerce logistics in place is crucial for any business that wants to remain competitive in its field.

Last mile delivery is perhaps one of the most important parts of ecommerce logistics. But how can you be sure you have the right last mile logistics provider on your side?

Let us look at some qualities you need the last mile delivery provider to have to make them the right choice.

Ecommerce Logistics: Real-Time Tracking and Visibility

The last mile delivery provider you choose has to offer real-time tracking of the entire shipping process. 93 percent of consumers want to be able to track their package right up to delivery.

Carriers should offer automated updates on shipments. Because last mile logistics is complex, delays can occur. The carrier should offer supply-chain visibility, letting the customer know about the delays and telling them when they can expect their packages.

Look for a provider that uses quality technology to track each package throughout the entire process and right up to delivery.


The ecommerce delivery carrier you choose to provide last mile delivery has to be there to offer excellent services for customers. They will be the last touchpoint in your shipping process and you want your customers to have a positive experience with them.

Although the person making the delivery is not part of your company, they need to offer the quality services that you would provide. Your customers will associate the person and the shipping company with your company.

To make the best choice, look at the carrier’s company philosophy. Are customer experience and friendliness the focus? It should be.

Variety of Delivery Options

By being able to meet different customer needs, you will be able to make the most out of ecommerce sales. Offering limited delivery options can quickly become a problem for customers and you may end up losing them to competitors that can offer more options.
This is why you need a last mile delivery carrier that offers numerous delivery options.

Some of these can be same-day delivery, contactless delivery, expedited delivery, and more. By having a versatile carrier, you will be able to offer customers what they need to be satisfied.

Robust Customer Service

The carrier has to make it easy for customers to be able to reach out to them with concerns and questions. If there are issues with the delivery, the customer has to be able to speak with someone who will answer their questions.

The carrier has to offer continuity with the brand they are representing at the time of each delivery. The customer never has to feel helpless if a problem occurs. The carrier has to make it simple for them to get the assistance they need when they need it.

Wide Delivery Coverage

A last mile delivery provider worth hiring is one that offers wide delivery coverage. The carrier’s network has to be able to accommodate your company’s needs as well as those of your customers.

It is essential you ensure the coverage is the same throughout their delivery coverage. A customer on the East Coast, for example, should have the same quality experience as someone on the West Coast. Know what each carrier’s service areas are, especially if they have any weak spots you should know about.

You want to ensure the carrier can guarantee drivers when you need deliveries. Drivers have never been in higher demand than they are now, so make sure the carrier can cover your needs in the growing market.

Innovative Technology

Last mile technology has grown by leaps and bounds and any last mile delivery carrier you consider has to implement them in their services.

With ecommerce constantly expanding, the complexity of making these deliveries also grows. This requires the carrier to have technology that can keep up with these demands. Examples includes route optimization software to increase drop density, real-time carrier tracking, and machine learning capabilities that can pinpoint weak areas in the delivery process.


Shipping costs are a concern, as well. You do not want the costs to cut too much into your profit margin.

Do remember that lower costs are important for consumers but they are not the only factor they consider when making a purchase. 65 percent of customers will gladly spend more if it means a faster delivery. Before making a decision, you do want to ask about any added fees for different features and compare those rates with that of other companies offering the same services.

Reliable Delivery Window

The last mile carriers that are of the highest quality will be able to offer reliable delivery windows for your customers. They have to be consistent to make sure they can offer the customer experience your clients need.

They have to provide timetables and alert customers about any delays immediately.

Get the Best Carrier on Your Side

Ecommerce logistics are complex and they require you to turn to the best providers of the services your business needs. Last mile delivery carriers are crucial for any company, so look for providers that are reliable, that use the latest technology, and that can provide the customer experience each one of your customers deserves.

At ACI Logistix, we can offer the best ecommerce delivery solutions. Our focus on client needs and customer experience will ensure you company is well represented. Contact us today to get started!


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