Research from 2021 showed that 20% of first-class packages arrived late. It also showed that 17.7 million pieces of mail were processed and delivered every hour.


If you own an e-commerce business, shipping is a big concern. Having a package delayed is something that can quickly impact a customer’s experience.


Most customers eagerly await their packages and will be upset if they are late. That is why eCommerce shipping is so essential when focusing on customer satisfaction.


Keep reading to find out what issues could cause package delay issues.


1. Inaccurate Address


Believe it or not, one of the most significant issues is incorrect addresses. Shipping delays can happen if the customer’s address isn’t printed correctly.


Something as small as a miss spelled word or an incorrect ZIP Code can cause this issue. The label may say suite instead of the floor causing it to go somewhere else or be sent back.


This is something that could be easily avoided with address validation software. You can also take steps to make sure the customer puts their address incorrectly.


This minor problem can be easily avoided with a few steps. This can improve your customer satisfaction and get eCommerce packages delivered on time.


2. Poor Quality Labels


Another minor issue you may have is poor-quality labels. You should use professional printing in clear and bold ink.


Too many business labels are dull or gray colored, which causes issues. This can make them hard to read, especially if they have gone through transit.


You will need to invest in professional printing for your labels. This is very important if you want the labels to look professional and do their job.


If the label is unreadable, the package will go into the lost and found. Or it may go to a different address than where it should go.


3. Not Having Logistics Technology


A tool you should use is logistics technology. This can be provided by companies like ACI Logistics, which helps e-commerce businesses thrive.


You have access to logistics and distribution when you use a company like this. You will understand e-commerce shipping better and be better prepared for delays.


This will improve your customer’s experience and improve shipping times. This is much better than going with the flow and hoping for the best.


4. Inefficient Drop-Off Points


Are your customers asking, “Why is my package delayed?” This could be a sign of a problem with your drop-off points.


You may instinctively take packages to the nearest shipping center for convenience. But that is not always the best option when it comes to shipping times.


The carrier may visit that location last on their route. You need to stay up-to-date about when a package will be picked up.


Doing this lets, you pick the best drop-off points for each package. You can also organize order pick-ups, so you don’t have to worry about this.


This can be an efficient way to avoid slow shipping and save your employees time.


5. Not Planning


You should always stay on top of what is going on when shipping packages. You need to pay attention to what the weather is doing and what the forecast is.


This is one of the many situations that can impact shipping times. You also need to consider traffic and other similar delays for the package.


You need to stay on top of shipping and ensure packages go out as soon as possible to compensate for these delays.


6. Suspicious Packages


Shipping for eCommerce can be overwhelming if you are having package delayed problems. Something that can contribute to this is suspicious packages.


A package may become delayed at a facility if identified as suspicious. This can happen if it makes a noise when rattled or has a strong scent.


How you package your products will depend on what you are selling. If you ship perfume, you must seal it in airtight plastic.


There should not be any visible odors coming from the package, and it should be padded thoroughly. Ideally, there should be almost no noise coming from a box when you shake it.


This also guarantees that products will get to customers in good condition. Packages go through a lot of travel and can become damaged through this process.


You want to take extra precautions to make sure products are kept safe. This is done by having the right size of packaging and suitable fillers.


7. Not Having Room for Error


If a package is delayed in transit, this can be very stressful. After all, this can impact your customer’s experience with your business.


When you have e-commerce shipping, you must have a minimum and maximum timeline. This provides customers with an idea of how long shipping takes.


For instance, you may list a product taking 5 to 10 days to arrive. Five days would be the best timeline, but you leave room for error by adding 10 days.


This is an excellent way to avoid disappointing customers waiting for their packages. It also allows for unexpected things like bad weather or late carriers.


Package Delayed: Causes and Solutions


Are you wondering why your package delayed problems aren’t getting better? Your eCommerce business needs to start utilizing better tools.


You should outsource this to a logistics technology company to help you improve customer experience. There are also specific preventative steps that you can take in this direction.


Do you want to improve your eCommerce shipping strategy? Contact us today at ACI Logistics for the latest in eCommerce technology.


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